foolish april

G20 outsiders look like they are having fun, smashing away.

Well, two more businesses down. Gottschalks and CinCin. Is the mall doomed? rumors have it, excitement to some, I’m sure. The Red Radish has been quiet. No full service restaurant, just tapas-like food and bar. good luck.

The Gott owns its physical plant; it will be of interest who, if any, fills the space. Look for liquidation sales soon in a neighborhood near you.

Grand opening for The Arcata Lounge/Theatre this Friday. In talking with Arcatans, this will be a welcome venue, it is a major endeavor for the owners, wait and see.

A new gallery |400 block of 3rd St|. Basically a venue for the owner’s work – photography. good luck.

Accident Gallery has a neat installation this month plus the other fine art on display this week end |Arts Alive|.

God forbid the city of Eureka proceed with a vision as San Francisco/SoMa/Taylor Street. The new Art District in progress now. Yes, our art district is Old Town. but another could happen, say around the off-Broadway warehouse area? I know, dream on.


One Response to “foolish april”

  1. As I drove to work this morning, I saw signs along Broadway with news of Ritz Camera’s going out of business sale.

    Another mall store bites the dust…

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