Piante Gallery Show – through July 28, 2012

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homage to pulp mill

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One of the fun exhibits this coming March Arts Alive will be ‘homage to the pulp mill’ at Eureka Books in Old Town. It would have been cool to have the exhibition at the mill, but…

fog, sun, fog, sun

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SoHum, 110 degrees, bummer. Hope it cools for RR this weekend for those attendees. I’ll take the fog.

The 2nd Body Erotic art exhibition – Real Live Girls – is now in full view at Accident Gallery, 210 C Street, Eureka CA.

Ananda Oliveri’s larger than life – real live girls – are amazing. Many artists, much diversification and fun. Several unique pieces and attitudes. The private party held the 25th was well attended. Burlesque, belly dancers in theme-appropriate costumes and great music and wonderful chocolate-dipped bing cherries. An alternative to the strawberry. Try it.

More females dressed ‘appropriately’ than the men. I don’t get it. What is with men not fully participating in the fun for the moment, especially for this special party. There were several male types secure enough to at least dress up in something besides t-shirts and caps. But the majority, very unimaginative. And they wonder y.

Enjoy our livable weather on the coast and check out the show. Running through August and please be 18 years of age.

entering the 21st century

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Finally, I updated my IT world with a new iMac. Loving it. Now I can actually blog, hassle-free. Being an artist, this was sad news.

Thirty percent of Portland’s galleries have closed, and sales were down 75%??? in New York. The art world is about 6 months behind in terms of downturn. Don’t know about you, if you are an artist, but it has been very difficult the last two months. It’s time to get creative.

In the San Francisco Chronicle this Thursday in 96 hours, a group of artists started “Buddy System”, a network of 70 artists formed to lift each others’ spirits in this times. They are having a show this month in the Bay Area.

For those of us fortunate to have a gallery to show in continually, it is a struggle for those who do not have that opportunity. Already, there are several ‘groups’ that mingle and create. But, perhaps thinking on a larger scale, networking is necessary. Facebook and blogs are our tools, so it’s up to us to communicate. I was envisioning one, all-inclusive site for all of us to talk, exchange and network and most of all help. Maybe it already exists and I am unaware. Artists tend to keep to themselves; I don’t think we can exist in our little studio-world anymore. Maybe I’m wrong.

The second annual erotic exhibition will be on at Accident Gallery, August ArtsAlive! Piante has a most splendid show, Richard Case/Regina Case. Don’t miss it.

foolish april

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G20 outsiders look like they are having fun, smashing away.

Well, two more businesses down. Gottschalks and CinCin. Is the mall doomed? rumors have it, excitement to some, I’m sure. The Red Radish has been quiet. No full service restaurant, just tapas-like food and bar. good luck.

The Gott owns its physical plant; it will be of interest who, if any, fills the space. Look for liquidation sales soon in a neighborhood near you.

Grand opening for The Arcata Lounge/Theatre this Friday. In talking with Arcatans, this will be a welcome venue, it is a major endeavor for the owners, wait and see.

A new gallery |400 block of 3rd St|. Basically a venue for the owner’s work – photography. good luck.

Accident Gallery has a neat installation this month plus the other fine art on display this week end |Arts Alive|.

God forbid the city of Eureka proceed with a vision as San Francisco/SoMa/Taylor Street. The new Art District in progress now. Yes, our art district is Old Town. but another could happen, say around the off-Broadway warehouse area? I know, dream on.

Yet another Friday 13th, yea!

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Jazz is alive! Once again, Redwood Jazz Alliance is stellar pulling in world class musicians. Uri Caine Trio at the Graves was, in one word, cleansing.

Personally, I prefer the Morris Graves as a venue. Far more intimate than the ‘Kate’, especially for trios. All the ususally suspects were in attendance and then some.

Let us hope the new, live music venue |Nocturnum| provides something besides hip hop and reggae. Press release states ‘world classs entertainment’, we will see. The old OH Steakhouse has been remodeled into a club with bar. Opening March 26, I think, with KRS-one.

It is the 17th Monday. yes to a Guiness and a shot of Jameson (one ice cube with a splash of water) or neat. Booze sales have not dropped. But, buying and imbiding at home instead of paying ridiculous prices at a bar.

However, Carter 101 has an affordable happy hour, believe it or not. Check it out before the hordes arrive. Thursday nights, 5:30-8p, at Art of Wine on 2 Street, Eureka is also in there. $20. Food pairings prepared by Ariel of Gabriel’s fame.

May the wind be at your back …yada yada and quit shooting each other, jeeeez, Should be tense across the pond this St. Patricks’s Day.


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It’s been awhile. I’m waiting for a newer OS other than 9.1 so I can enter the 21st century.

No Olarg Gallery anymore. It was in Old Town. The old 321 Coffee is , again for rent. 1500/mo anyone? Yet another coffee/wine/art gallery done right would be nice. World Cup Coffee [next to F Street Cafe] is showing art; next show March 7 or so. Last chance to catch Georgia Long’s work.

The art business is a challenge, to say the least, in this booming economy. If you have any inclination towards owning original art, please support artists you know. Some of us are resorting to eBay. A sign of the times, but if work sells, watch out galleries. especially co-ops.

How are all the restaurants doing??? curious.